Martin brandwein

I have worked with Banner Construction and its president Kevin Kelly since 2000. The company and its subcontractors do excellent well crafted workmanship and I have found Kevin to be honest, dependable and very accommodating to me and my clients. I would highly recommend Banner Construction to anyone considering an upper end residential renovation.

Sandra Aranguren-Langston

SPG Architects has worked with BCC on projects since 2004. We knew that we could count on BCC to provide competitive bidding and in each case their product has matched the Client's needs and quality expectations. Our experience has been a very positive one and we will work with BCC in future projects.

Kate Shepard

We did a "soup to nuts" renovation of a pre-war apartment that was in terrible shape. The style of our design is very clean and spare so each element had to be we'll done. After looking at four contractors we chose Banner Construction. I am so glad we did and have said so repeatedly. The work was done in a timely, focused, and methodical manner. Kevin and his foreman have a lot of experience and could solve problems when needed. They took the job very seriously as did their subcontractors. I would work with Banner Construction again.